Coffee Tables as Art: Your Living Room is a Masterpiece


Whether you're limited on wall space or you just don't have any left, 'one of a kind' coffee tables are the new art pieces you didn't realize you wanted.

We're often looking for that one piece that finishes off a room and we've turned to unique showstoppers or even custom-made coffee tables to give us that wow feature.

CMID Custom at Knightswood Park

Our client at Knightswood Park wanted each piece or furniture in his home to feel curated and special. Often times we see furniture which isn't sold by Canadian dealers and bringing it overseas from Europe isn't always feasible so we decided to custom design this coffee table made from Caesarstone Quartz and topped it off with black glass.

Bell Table at Knightswood Park

Moving from the family room to the formal sitting room, this pair of Bell Tables by designer Sebastian Herkner were the perfect pairing to this blue stone fireplace feature wall. Hand-blown tinted glass mixed with solid brass this set of nesting tables so chic we can't even handle it. Available as a coffee or side table in various colours.

CMID Custom at Riverdale West

Why is it we always want what we can't have? Our clients at Riverdale West were really inspired by furniture they've seen throughout the city. Most of those pieces are made on contract which means they're not sold to the public. These groups of tables were redesigned and made custom featuring a Quartz top and solid metal base to appear as if they were floating like water lilies.

We're in an era where minimalism is taking over but your interior can look maximal by adding personality to your furniture. We've heard it plenty of times, "less is more." We think more is more. More personality, more impact!

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