International Design & Architecture Awards


When opportunity knocks, we welcome it with open arms!

CMID has undergone a lot of renovations of our own over the past year. First we welcomed Erin Coe as a partner of the firm, we rebranded the website and started this journal, and we brought in the amazing team of AustinSmyth to help us reach new goals to push us towards our full potential.

We're excited to announce that CMID has been shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards in the category of Luxury Residential Americas. It's not often we are able to reach a global audience with our work so we're thrilled to be alongside many other talented designers in the industry.

As we patiently wait for the award ceremony, we're going to look back at the past winners from 2018:

International Designer of the Year 2018 – Shalini Misra

Based in London, UK, Shalini Misra is a multi-award winning interior design and architecture studio with focus on high-end residential, commercial and hospitality - the design triple threat! Attention to layering unique patterns and traditional elements, the work is instantly recognized as 'European' which sets them apart from what we're used to seeing in Canada.

Architecture Glass House Winner – Broomwood by Minale + Mann

A standout from all the other winners, Broomwood by Minale + Mann is a minimalist's dream home. From the smoked oak floorboards to the handmade bronze light fixtures, each element is unique and really breaks the mould in terms of London living.

Last on our list is the category we have been shortlisted for: Luxury Residence Americas.

Luxury Residence Winner - Rum Point by Nicolas Tye Architects

Located in the Cayman Islands, we can only describe this home as Caribbean uphoria. Architects need to think about the elements when they are designing the foundation of a home like how will the sun hit the structure? Each detail of this home was taken into consideration while still providing a family-focused living space.the perfect beach front home.

We can't wait to share our experience in London and talk about the amazing projects we have an opportunity to appreciate!

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