Furniture Battle Royale: Sectional vs. Sofa


As the second most used room in the house, the family room typically has the most furniture and those pieces should be stylish and functional for the space. How you orient the furniture will dictate the flow of the room so we're going to talk about sectionals versus sofas and which configuration is best to get the most from your home.

Sectional sofas have evolved since the popular introduction of the L-shape sofa from La-Z-Boy we all know growing up through the 80s. Modular components give you a number of configurations to help make the furniture last a lifetime if you plan to relocate or downsize. This doesn't mean that a sectional sofa is the right choice for your home just because it's versatility -- there are a number of things to think about when selecting furniture for your family room.

Below, we've included a furniture plan for a project where the client's couldn't decide on sofa vs. sectional.

Use of Space

Do you use your family room as a formal area for entertaining or a casual spot for family time? A smart configuration of sofas and chairs work better for entertaining since there spacing of the furniture allows for each person to be in the conversation comfortably. Nobody wants to be left in the corner piece of the sectional trying to balance a glass of wine on their knee.

Formal or Casual

If you're trying to create a certain feeling in the room, the scale and configuration of furniture makes a huge impact on this. Sectional sofas will always have a more casual impact since we immediately think about getting lost in the cushions with our feet up. A sofa can still feel casual with toss cushions and throw blankets, but a sofa and ottoman can solve that problem if you're looking for a more traditional style but still want a relaxed feel.

Access Points

When you enter the space, is there only one way in and out? Sometimes the natural flow of entering and exiting the space is limited so blocking off a part of the space with furniture doesn't have an impact on the room configuration. Making a journey around a sectional seems like no big deal at first but you'll soon find yourself trying to do Olympic hurdles over the sofa back.

Whichever configuration you go with, don't overthink it -- your home is your retreat. Measure the space, plan the furniture, and remember to relax!

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