New decor, who dis?


In 2018, you told you what trends to keep your eye on. Now that it's 2019, we're going to tell you what to avoid when building your new custom home or just refreshing your space for the new year.

Cool Greys

Neutral colours have officially come full circle. Cool greys lack personality and make a room feel - for lack of a better word - cold. Quality furnishings are made with wood and metal and are opting for rich finishes which grey cannot compete with. Our go-to palette includes oyster, taupe and muddy purples.

Transitional Patterns

Transitional decor is a safe way for you to keep a traditional style without committing to a modern home. Unfortunately this style is so reproduced that it's hard to find a new design approach; the trellis pattern being the perfect example. Let the architecture of the home carry the transitional elements while your finishes and furnishings can be a little more mainstream for the perfect outcome.

Accent Walls

I'm not sure which HGTV decorator got everyone into bold accent walls, but a single-coloured room will allow your furniture and decor to be the star of the show. If you must wallpaper one wall for interest, keep it tone-on-tone for a sophisticated look without drawing too much attention to the wall. Who wants to look at a painted wall when you could be focusing on artwork or furniture??

Lacquered Furniture

There's this Swedish furniture company called IKEA you might have heard of? They are well known for their lacquered furniture. Been to their showroom lately? Not what it used to be is it? Even big box furniture stores are moving towards wood textures and colours. Don't forget to grab some meatballs while you're there!

Rose Gold

Metal accents will always be a part of interior design but the finish colours are extremely trendy right now. Rose gold came in like a wrecking ball to the fashion industry and though it was making an appearance into home decor, it's not as versatile as nickel or brass. Don't go melting own any of your jewelry though - we still think it's beautiful!

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