Thank u 2018, next!


Another year has come and gone. That leaves us reflecting on all the great opportunities and projects that CMID took part in!

2018 was the launch of our new brand Coe Mudford Interior Design. It’s not often we get to design for ourselves so you can imagine our excitement working on the new look and watching it all come together. If you haven't had the pleasure of coming by our office for a meeting, check out these custom water bottles Brandon has done for the studio!

2018 was also a year of bold finish selections for CMID. We used saturated hues and unique finishes in many of our projects. Clients are becoming more open to contemporary statements in their homes and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

One of our highlights from this past year was a blue onyx stone fireplace - stay tuned for the feature publication of this home!

Moving into 2019, we want to share our visions for what's going to make the biggest impact on the year. It's hard to talk about interior design trends without thinking "Colour of the Year." Every paint brand has their own COTY and we've rounded them up for you.

Benjamin Moore
Metropolitan AF-690

Photo Credit; Benjamin Moore

We're excited to see a colour from the Affinity Collection make the list but not overly thrilled about the colour itself. It was only 2 years ago Benjamin Moore used Simply White as their colour - that's right - COLOUR of the year. With thousands of colours at their disposal, we're disappointed they aren't setting the trend and feel like it's a missed opportunity.

Sherwin Williams
Cavern Clay SW 7701

Photo Credit; Sherwin Williams

While it is an actual colour, Cavern Clay misses the mark when it comes to wall colour. We're seeing a lot of the cognac tones come back into fashion textiles and even leather upholstery, but gone are the days of a terra cotta home.

Farrow & Ball

Photo Credit; Farrow & Ball

British manufacturer Farrow & Ball don't unveil a COTY but releases a collection of new colours each year to their small curated collection. With only 132 colours in their active collection, the newest Sulking Room Pink has some of the most romantic tones we've seen.

Moving away from COTY we're already using some of the #trending ideas all over the web. We like to put our own twist on these designs so they don't appear in every home

Statement Ceilings

Photo Credit; Alicia Thurston for CMID

Once the hype dies down from the new colour trends, there's not a lot of diversity or innovation with paints as we’ve all seen plenty of accent walls and trellace patterned wallpapers. But ceilings? We haven't had such high hopes for ceiling designs since the rise of tin ceiling in the 20s. From elaborate applied mouldings to wallpapered and patterned, a unique ceiling can make a room way more memorable than any painted accent wall could.

Bold Backsplashes

Photo Credit; CMID

Similar to statement ceilings, many homeowners are having more fun with their kitchen backsplash. White cabinets? White countertops? Snooze. Bring the life back to your kitchen with a punch of colour or graphic pattern. Shapes of tiles are a little more unique these days so don't be afraid to do something different. Everyone gathers in the kitchen so why not give them something to talk about other than the snacks!

Eco Friendly

It started with the ban of plastic straws and it'll soon be the interior design world that falls in line. The first step could be something as simple as energy-saving appliances but we all need to do our part. Whatever you bring into your home from now on (if you haven’t been doing so already) needs to follow suit and give back to the planet as much as it can.

As we roll into a brand new year, we can't wait to dream up some fresh ideas for our clients. We look forward to having you all follow along with us as we continue to take on future projects.

From all of us at CMID we wish for you that 2019 is the best year yet!

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