How To (Tastefully) Decorate for the Holidays


It's that time of year again where we tear down the fake cobwebs and dust off the real cobwebs from our holiday decor storage bins. The items inside these bins are treasured items gathered over the years from family and loved ones or memories associated with holidays past. The joy we get from red, green, silver and gold will never get old but it does take a toll on our eyes when mom puts up that one decoration we made back in elementary school or strands of 99 cent garland from the dollar store. We're here to teach mom how to keep the traditions alive but in a sophisticated way everyone will appreciate.

Stick to a colour scheme

The easiest thing to give your decorations an elevated look is to stick to a colour scheme. Look at the items in your home that you don't change over seasonally; toss pillows, area rugs, or even accent furniture like ottomans. Pull colours from these pieces and add one of the season's traditional colours like red or green. You can also match to your existing metallics on accent tables or lamps and use those finishes for a cohesive theme. If you prefer one colour or finish over the rest, use that as your main inspiration and just dabble in the other colours - it's tough on the eyes when there are equal parts of every seasonal colour.

Avoid 'cookie cutter' decor

Every family has their own traditions and religions to celebrate the Holidays and Dollarama shouldn't be one of them. The Christmas Market trend is getting more and more popular and local shop owners and artisans put a lot of work into showing their products at these events. Not only are you helping small business owners but the items have a personal connection and feel unique. This is the type of warmth we want to spread during this time of year!

Light it up

How is it that we put the lights away in a nice wrapped bundle and 10 months later they've danced their way into a twisted mess? We might never know the answer but if you're ready to breakup with your strand lighting, we fully support that! Holiday decor trends change and lighting is often overlooked. Try using 'fairy lights' for a soft glow on your mantel - these little strands are typically battery powered and provide a delicate twinkle. Christmas lights come in so many shapes and sizes there's no reason to go back to Canadian Tire year after year.

Odd number layering

One trick in the interior design world is to layer items in odd numbers. 1 wreath, 3 mini trees, 5 candles.. it's up to you what you display but the brain responds to odd numbers and we just don't know why.

Minimal decor? No problem!

If you are a minimalist and still have that one box of decorations, keep them neutral. White, black, clear or metallic, this will work with anything in your home and if you forget to pack them up until April, nobody will even know!

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