CMID Design Details


A house becomes a home when you put your signature on it. Everyone's handwriting is personal to them and your home should feel the same. We have our own design details that we like to think help you get that signature to differentiate your home from the others. Here's some of our favourite details;

Stone Casing

Windows in kitchens are highly requested. A kitchen is the heart of the home and natural light makes it feel like a happy space. It's standard to finish the area around your window with a wood casing, window stool and apron, but we want to use this opportunity to break the mould! Finishing the area around the window with a stone casing and plinth block at the countertop gives it a much richer look. This lends itself really well to a stone backsplash but it works with tile as well.

Stained Archways

Similar to window casing, the archways in your home can be a really nice feature. They're often overlooked and painted out the same colour as your trim, but making these a focal point is one of our new favourite details! Whether you change the style of casing and stain it all or just stain the jamb, the end result is unlike any other trim in the home and doesn't draw too much attention from the other features of the adjacent rooms.

Vanity Outlets

We've all seen it before in a 3-star hotel or a house designed in the 80s, but mirror outlet plates just aren't cute. We've tried to hide them in the backsplash but that ruins the line of the stone and isn't disguised very well. If building code allows, try installing the outlet in the side of the vanity. Not only does this hide the outlet, but it makes for less cords tangling up your counter space. Problem solved!

Hidden Broom Storage

You're making breakfast and spill a whole box of cereal and need to go to a storage cabinet down the hall to get a broom. Not anymore! Conveniently hidden in the side gable (the finishing edge of your cabinetry), we've installed a shallow cabinet about 3" deep on a touch latch door that conceals a broom and small dustpan. Sweep it into the toe kick vacuum and you can get back to snacking!

Metal Accents

Wood mouldings can add a layer of detail to your home when it comes to wall paneling, built-ins and railings. We're loving how decorative metals are making their way in to replace the wood finishings. Opting for a hint of polished gold on your stairs can make a simple detail look really high end. We're also using metal inlays in hardwood or tile floors to add an extra layer of detail. If you keep it minimal, you won't notice it as much if the trend fades in the next 5 or 10 years.

LED Soap Boxes

Accent lighting can make a huge statement to an otherwise typical design. A lot of bathrooms keep a small nightlight plugged in for late night visits to the washroom. We're opting to install LED lights inside shower soap boxes for moments when you need a little light but don't want to turn on all the overhead lighting. Just remember to keep your shampoo bottles organized!

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