Take the HARD out of HARDWOOD


The feeling of wood underfoot is difficult to compete with. These days it seems like everyone has flooring product on the market and the price points are so drastic. So what gives? We have the inside scoop to help you make the right choice when it comes to a renovation project or a new build.

Corey Eisler from Prestige Custom Hardwood has a boutique showroom on Dufferin with consultations available by appointment. Many of our projects end with a smile from Corey after the final coat of stain has been put down and it always leaves us speechless.

Why are there so many species of wood? What does "engineered" wood mean? We have all the answers!

Believe it or not, hardwood colour trends change so frequently that we're almost at a stage where any colour is acceptable - in the right setting of course! The most common species of wood for residential use is European White Oak due to it's hardness rating, durability and susceptibility to taking on all stain colours properly.

When it comes to plank sizes, the new standard width sits around 5" wide and will soon make it to 7" wide. Industry standard used to be 3 1/2" but due to open concept living, the boards appear too small and don't have the same impact. Plank lengths can vary, and this is where you might get shook by sneaky salespeople. Select & Better refers to boards at a minimum of 6' long and any grade above so be sure to check the grade of the planks. Higher end retailers specialize in minimum 12' planks and cost a pretty penny, so make sure to do your homework.

Been by a hardwood showroom lately? Most of the samples you'll see are prefinished - a process that stains the boards in the factory before they are shipped to the retailer. Because of the installation process, these products have a micro-bevel - a small rounded edge that is visible between the wood once it's installed. Site finished hardwood is installed in it's natural form, filled with a wood putty then sanded down for a seamless installation. Our trades then go in with the stain and finish the job with a sealer. Both methods have their pros and cons, but site finish is still our favourite process.

Engineered? What does that mean? Simply put, a thin piece of solid wood (typically 3/8") is adhered to a crisscross of plywood. This plywood backing helps the boards from warping or "cupping" as it's known. Due to our climates, humidity, etc. the engineered wood is preferred over a solid construction.


Matita By Fogile D'oro available through Relative Space

Fogile D'oro is an Italian parquet maker who collaborated with Studio Rotella to create this unbelievable modular hardwood paired with marble and brass! Can you say, "Nailed it!?"

If you are looking for unique hardwood Relative Space is your place located at 330 King Street East. Their bright and beautiful showroom is the perfect backdrop to showcase all their beautiful and truly unique engineered hardwood.

Still confused? We would be happy to set you up with the right supplier who can answer all your questions.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for the type of material you’re buying. Just because it's the perfect colour, doesn’t mean the quality of wood is the right choice.

- THE CMID team

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